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Team Coaching

Our signature Team Coaching process is an award-winning program we created in 1995 and has been delivered to teams around the world.

When it comes to teams, we are catalysts of awesomeness! The world of business is run by teams yet most teams are formed and then “blown apart” within a year or so, meaning teamwork has taken on a new dynamic of change leadership.

Pyramid’s signature Team Advantage™ team-coaching approach takes a team leader and team through a 16-week process of dynamic development tied to a meaningful and bold  business goal. The team works together to move beyond the daily struggles and play for better outcomes through advanced levels of coaching.

Alison Crumpler

Craig Flanagan

Team Advantage™ Programs

All of our coaches have completed coach-specific training programs and hold professional coaching certifications.

Team Advantage

Team Advantage™ is a proven team coaching program designed to transform teams and convey leadership coaching skills to leaders.


Team Advantage Certification

Team Advantage™ certification provides experienced coaches and facilitators with information and practice to use this unique coaching process. 


Team Advantage Virtual

We offer certification in Team Advantage™ through a virtual workshop. There are six sessions delivered using a videoconferencing platform.


Seeking new ways to engage yourself and team?

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