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Coach Training

Our coach training model is based on three distinct components: Humanity, "who I am and who we are together," Exploration, "what is true," and Innovation, "what is possible."

We focus our approach on humanizing work by developing more conscious leaders. We teach methods that expand self-awareness, presence, and connection in the practice of a coaching conversation.

We have discovered that a lot of attention is paid to three dimensions of humanity depicted in the ancient symbol of the medicine wheel – those being the physical, mental and emotional energy or capacity. The spiritual essence – or innate wisdom and inner spark - is often left out of the leader’s developmental framework.

To bring people to life, we convey how to create the space for more meaningful conversations and ignite the inner spark in others. We teach them to listen for the energy others bring to the game, and to the essence of who they are – what they are passionate about contributing and what fears can limit their performance.

We teach the path of integration and alignment of all that it means to be engaged in meaningful work and fulfilled. We develop trust and enthusiasm so leaders can come to work wholeheartedly and hear, recognize, and respect those whom they lead. We build cultures of coaching where the dialog starts within the framework of compassion.

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The Healthcare Coaching Institute

Become a Certified Leadership Coach! Pyramid's Healthcare Coaching Institute trains and certifies leaders and coaches through a transformative curriculum unique to the industry. Pyramid Resource Group's Coaching Institute trains and certifies leaders and coaches through a transformative leadership curriculum focused in the business of life sciences. This ICF ACTP program prepares participants for the PCC, or professional certifications.

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Team Leader as Coach

Our workshop provides a deeper understanding and practice of “coaching” as a unique leadership skill for the leader in support of their team. Participants experience a number of exercises and role plays to help solidify the learning and are left with tools they can apply immediately in the workplace. Ready-to-deliver, customizable one- or two-day workshops to train leaders in a core coaching skills program. For those who lead medium- to large-sized organizations. This is also a great workshop for conferences.

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