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Zombie to Zealots, Reawaken the Spirit at Work

Zombies to Zealots is a personal rescue kit and clarion call for us all to wake up and call our spirits back into our work. If you just said, "Mrgh?" you're ready to dust off your gifts, face the light, and emerge from the shadows to manifest the right path for your most brilliant contributions. Let these pages call to you and ask yourself if now is time to Reawaken, Remember, Reconnect, or Rehumanize your organization. It matters not where you begin or end, this easy read is an inspirational companion for wherever your journey takes you.


Mind Over Mutter

Mind Over Mutter is a gold mine of information for anyone who gives presentations. The tips are simple, direct, and easy to apply. You will find help on topics ranging from preparing presentation content to handling the nervousness caused by public speaking. And the tips are truly practical and drawn from real-life experiences.


Coaching for Extraordinary Results

Coaching is the hottest topic in organizational and leadership development today, but most organizations struggle to find the best approach to employ the coaching concept. Included here are 12 best practice case studies that offer approaches, processes, strategies, and models your organization can follow.


Mystic Grits

Mystic Grits is a story about a southern girl’s personal evolution and growth into a conscious awakening at midlife –presented as a work in “meta-fiction,” the collision of two literary genres –autobiography sparked with metaphysical spirituality –or, said another way, the “Dance of the Dissonant Daughter” meets Star Trek, the Next Frontier.


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