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Executive Coaching

Our mission is to humanize work – one leader, one team, one organization at a time. We coach leaders to play “all in” and to engage their people to drive needed change and extraordinary performance, by first strengthening their own core skills.

Most leaders were not trained for leadership or executive role; rather, they are selected based on past performance as key contributors or team leads.

Our conversational-coach approach guides them to create presence, curiosity, and a leadership narrative. We begin with a deep dialogue to understand who they really are and what they yearn to accomplish as a leader.

Together we create a developmental plan of action that serves as the basis of our work. We interview their teams and key stakeholders, including Board members where appropriate to answer key questions and create a theme report that informs their plan of action during the process. Through this interview process we help these leaders create new dialogues, transparency and expanded levels of trust.

We have successfully used our one-on-one approach with over 6,000 executives and top talent leaders – and many of their teams – customizing each partnership. Our work begins in-person and often proceeds via virtual platforms or conference calls to integrate the partnership into the flow of business activity.

Is Coaching Right For You?

Are you considering partnering with an executive coach, or are you seeking a coach match for someone you lead or support?

We partner with leaders of leaders - people who are developing others and who are elevating their own careers and platforms. The dynamic and holistic approach we use is often called transformational! We listen deeply and seek ways to ignite the human spirit to have you bring your highest and best contribution to every endeavor. It is also simple to work with us.

We begin with a series of conversations where you create a growth plan - often just an idea of what you desire - and we are there as a mirror and witness for you explore who you are in deeper ways than you might with other business or life partners.

For coaching to be successful, you must be willing to: 

  • Try new concepts and ideas without fear of failure or exposure
  • Speak the truth about what you really think and feel
  • Be open to personal and professional growth
  • Be engaged and willing to share insights, questions, or concerns
  • Be ready, willing, and able to make changes
  • Be committed to our work together

Here are some ways that people use coaches, either individually or in the context of an organization:

  • Strategic brainstorming and ideation
  • Launch ambitious projects
  • Develop specific leadership skills
  • Facilitate conflict resolutions
  • Navigate the chaos of change
  • Create a better future, more success, money and life balance
  • Address the quintessential question...
  • Explore new career path opportunities
  • Improve teaming and ways of working

Coaching Process

Our executive coaching partnerships are designed as either six- or twelve-month programs and based on a set of established principles and goals. Executives are matched with our professional coaches and each partnership is customized based on the specific needs.

Coach process may include any or all of the following elements:

  • In-person initial engagement sessions
  • Team feedback and leadership skills development
  • Shadowing
  • Live 360, Enneagram and other assessments, if/as needed
  • Conflict resolution models and Interventions
  • Regular phone and/or live coaching sessions
  • Alignment of personal and corporate goals
  • Check-ins and celebrations

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