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Team Leader As Coach

The Team Leader as Coach is a highly experiential one- to two-day coach competency development program. Leaders learn to shift a team’s narrative or water cooler conversation from “I can’t,” to “what if we could?”

This program is delivered by our master coach team to new and experienced managers to provide mindset shifts and a safe platform for practice.

In many programs coaching skills are delivered to teach one-on-one development conversations. This approach transfers the model from one to many – teaching leaders how to hear the team voice and the needs of all team members versus their most outspoken.

The workshop is built on the notion great leaders ignite people to take ownership of their work, their teams, and their individual contributions. Plus, the exercises and coaching prompts can be customized to your organization. This program is intended for peer groups.

We also conduct train the trainer programs for internal coaches and can license the program to organizations.

A simple coaching model is introduced that helps leaders engage their people in meaningful dialogues.

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The workshop illuminates the distinctions between coaching, managing, and leading while creating awareness of situations where coaching is best used for leadership, employee and team development.

A key component of the workshop is extensive practice for skills development and application of the model in most any situation.

Workshop participants are asked to complete a self-assessment prior to the program and Pyramid works with the company to develop relevant case studies and coaching prompts. The highly interactive program will deepen leadership skills and open up new conversations that will empower everyone in an organization.

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