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When it comes to teams, we are catalysts of awesomeness! The world of business is run by teams yet most teams are formed and then “blown apart” within a year or so, meaning teamwork has taken on a new dynamic of change leadership. Pyramid’s signature Team Advantage team coaching approach takes a team leader and team through a 16-week process of dynamic development tied to a meaningful and bold business goal. The team works together to move beyond the daily struggles and play for better outcomes through advanced levels of coaching.

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Team Programs

Team Advantage

Our chief coaching officer, DJ Mitsch created Team Advantage to address a leadership team's need to innovate an older division of a broadcast company. Team Advantage is a proven team coaching program designed to transform teams and convey leadership coaching skills to leaders. The process has been called the Team Accelerator, moving teams to communicate and collaborate in sustainable ways, beyond the typical 2-day team-building event. The program is presented as an organizational “game.” The process is oriented around a stretch goal that is meaningful to the organization’s success and includes the role of a coach who supports the team leader as well as the entire team.

Team Advantage Certification Program

Team Advantage certification provides experienced coaches and facilitators with information and practice to use this unique coaching process. The training centers on a simulation to help participants understand the process from start to finish. Numerous case studies and stories from actual experiences are used to reinforce the learning and provide a strong foundation for new users of Team Advantage.

Team Advantage Virtual Program

We offer certification in Team Advantage through a virtual workshop. There are six sessions delivered using a videoconferencing platform. Each session provides training needed to successfully use this process and includes insights from Team Advantage creator DJ Mitsch, shared experiences from our coaching team, and valuable approaches to working with different types of teams.

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