Learn to coach teams through our Virtual Workshop

We offer certification in Team Advantage through a virtual workshop. There are six sessions delivered using a videoconferencing platform. Each session provides training needed to successfully use this process and includes insights from Team Advantage creator DJ Mitsch, shared experiences from our coaching team, and valuable approaches to working with different types of teams.

Team Advantage is the original team coaching program designed to accelerate winning business results. For more than two decades, our coaches have partnered with teams from a variety of industries to deliver stellar outcomes. This program is the secret advantage for leaders who seek to have their teams work together in new, meaningful and more fun ways.  Team Advantage drives teams past typical corporate objectives to new levels of engagement and commitment.

Team Advantage certification is ideal for professional coaches, change agents, team facilitators, and for organizations wanting to develop an internal team coaching capability.

We know team coaching works and can help transform organizations. We want more coaches to have access to Team Advantage which is why we are launching this new, virtual certification platform.


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What you will receive: along with CCEU credits for ICF coaches, you will receive a license to use Team Advantage with teams and become part of a network of experienced team coaches. The licensing agreement allows you to purchase all copyrighted Team Advantage materials.


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