Want to coach teams?

For nearly 20 years, The Pyramid Resource Group has been successfully coaching teams using our proprietary team coaching process known as Team Advantage™. Team Advantage is specifically designed to help teams meet extraordinary goals through a process that has been proven to increase engagement, improve leadership behaviors, and create tangible financial benefits. We know team coaching works and can help transform organizations.

We offer annual live certification workshops of this signature team coaching program.  During this three-day training you will learn to expand your offerings to include this innovative and proven process. You will play a simulated game within to learn how to execute each component and find better answers to any business challenge. You will learn to use materials that have been time-tested by masterful coaches and clients and honed through collaborations with our clients and coach partners.

Team Advantage certification is ideal for professional coaches, change agents, team facilitators, and for organizations wanting to develop an internal team coaching capability.


Next Team Advantage certification workshops:

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What you will receive: along with CCEU credits for ICF coaches, you will receive a license to use Team Advantage with teams and become part of a network of experienced team coaches. The licensing agreement allows you to purchase all copyrighted Team Advantage materials.


Interested in additional dates for small groups, please email info@pyramidresource.com

“The 3 day Team Advantage certificate training was totally excellent!  A wonderful combination of both experiencing the Team Advantage process firsthand through a simulation while simultaneously getting trained in all the fundamentals needed to coach a team through this powerful approach. I highly recommend it for any team coach looking for a team coaching process and methodology that you can deploy right out of the gate.  Systematic, focused and yet flexible.”

Krister Lowe, PhD, Organizational Psychologist

“Team Transformation. Team Advantage has become a sought after program and movement within our company, changing the way teams think and behave.  The impact within our organization is so visible that teams are requesting to play a ‘game’ and saying, ‘I want what that team has.’”

Allison Crumpler, Learning and Leadership Development Sr. Manager at Novella Clinical

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