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At Pyramid Resource Group, we strive to help executives lead more effectively by strengthening their core leadership skills and by learning how to use coaching as a tool in their own management approach. We have successfully used our one-on-one approach with over 3500 executives and top talent leaders, targeting and customizing each partnership as necessary. Executive coaching tends to be most effective for:

  • C-Level Executives who need a confidential external sounding board
  • New Team Leaders who have not yet developed effective leadership skills
  • Experienced Leaders who are in transition and need to adapt to change
  • Top Talent, those identified as future leaders and need accelerated growth
  • Women & Diverse Leaders who need to find their voices & leverage their strengths
  • Senior Directors & Leaders, those who hold legacy roles learn to prepare successors and create organizational sustainability

“DJ not only taught me new ways to become more effective in my role as a leader but also served as a coach for our entire leadership team.  This is one of the best investments I have made in our organization since becoming CEO.”

Steve Coen, CEO | Kansas Health Foundation

Program Details

Our executive coaching partnerships are designed as either six- or twelve-month programs and based on a set of established principles and goals. Executives are matched with our professional coaches and each partnership is customized based on the specific needs.

Coach process may include any or all of the following elements:

  • In-person initial engagement sessions
  • Team feedback and leadership skills development
  • Shadowing
  • Live 360 and other assessments, if/as needed
  • Conflict resolution models and Interventions
  • Regular phone and/or live coaching sessions
  • Alignment of personal and corporate goals
  • Check-ins and celebrations

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