Is coaching right for you?

Are you considering partnering with an executive coach, or are you seeking a coach match for someone you lead or support?

At Pyramid Resource Group, we recognize coaching as a distinct profession and adhere to the standards and ethics of professional coaching codified by the International Coach Federation (ICF).  Coaching in not consulting…we do not claim to be experts in your field.  Coaching is not mentoring…we do not share our experiences and lessons with you and groom you for your next role.  And coaching is definitely not therapy…we only work with people looking to move forward, not those looking to fix something in their past.  If you are dealing with issues that may require therapy, please seek out a professional in that field.

The ICF defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  Here are some ways that people use coaches, either individually or in the context of an organization:

  • To develop strategic thinking and effectively communicating strategic business needs to others
  • To work on ambitious production goals with the constraints of time and resources
  • To develop specific skills: influencing, conflict management, negotiation, communication, & leadership
  • To cope with rapid change
  • To create a better future: more success, more money, and a higher quality of life
  • To help to address questions such as: Am I doing what I enjoy the most? Am I tolerating anything? Do I have what I want most?
  • To explore opportunities for different positions within the organization
  • To improve personal interaction style within a group


For coaching to be successful, you must be willing to:

  • Try new concepts and ideas without fear of failure or exposure
  • Tell the truth – speak honestly about what you really think and feel
  • Be open to professional and personal growth
  • Be engaged and willing to share insights, questions, reservations and concerns
  • Be ready, willing, and able to make changes
  • Be committed to having a coach


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