Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, Editor

Coaching is fast becoming the hottest topic in organizational and leadership development, but most organizations struggle to find the best approaches to employing the coaching concept. Often, confusion exists about what constitutes effective coaching and what success means. Coaching for Extraordinary Results offers its readers an opportunity to tap into this extraordinary tool by describing approaches, processes, strategies, and models used in organizations that have gone beyond what was thought possible. These results include more meaningful work, higher productivity, the right people in the right jobs, people who are challenged to do their best, a leadership legacy, and a positive effect on the bottom line.

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Use this Case Study Book as a:

  • practical reference tool for applications of coaching
  • tool to spur group discussion about methodologies
  • supplement to other coaching books by providing real-life cases
  • tool to help managers and other executives expand their competencies

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What’s in this book?

  • The Return-on-Investment of Executive Coaching
  • Coaching Makes an Unexpected Difference
  • The Internal Executive Coach: Coaching Through a Merger
  • The Power of Conversation: Changing a Company Culture One Executive at a Time
  • Constructing a Life while Building a Business
  • Coaching in a Clash of Culture
  • The Coaching Zone
  • The Executive Coach as a Foreign Agent: How Stupid Questions Can Lead to Greatness
  • How Sandy Got Her Groove Back
  • Coaching the CEO of a Nonprofit Organization
  • Coaching Builds Strong Foundation for a Start-Up Health-Care Clinic
  • A Billing Organization Discovers New Ways of Doing Business

About The Author:

Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch is a master certified coach, one of the first 25 designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Mitsch founded the Pyramid Resource Group, The Corporate Coaching Company in 1994 with her life and business partner, Barry Mitsch.

About the In Action Series:

The In Action Series offers readers real-life case study examples of HRD application and implementation. The 30 books in the series takes on the most challenging and difficult issues facing the profession. The case studies presented represent the best practices in the researchers, and consultants.

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