Do you want to join a masterful coaching community that accelerates your personal leadership development and capacity for communication, teaming and developing others?

As an HCI trained coach some results you can expect to create:

  • Become more generative and creative as you support others to do the same
  • Learn to challenge others to detach from outcomes in ways that allow their creativity to find center stage
  • Develop a like minded community of practice
  • Learn to navigate the emotions and culture barriers often at play in organizational coaching
  • Learn presence and all that it means to be present as a coach and human being
  • Create a personal approach to better partner and coach those you support
  • Gain insights into human and organizational systems that will inform your coaching approach
  • Learn to scale coaching from one to one with leaders to groups and teams within organizations
  • Create a personal framework for consistency in your approach, one that honors your own values and needs
  • Practice, practice, practice as you build hours toward your certification

And a bonus is that you will be invited to coach a list of talented entrepreneurs and leaders in the healthcare space with our growing number of partnerships in professional societies and the larger healthcare community. Our Healthcare Coaching Institute is designed to advance leadership capabilities by combining the finest faculty who conduct the most relevant curriculum that satisfies the coursework and mentoring requirements for the ICF certification.


“Being a former athlete and successful business person led me to believe I understood the basics of coaching.  Yet, for some reason, my corporate description of coaching just did not feel right.  There was something missing from the explanation…I had to find the words for myself.  HCI’s expert faculty and students offered the wisdom and the space to bring awareness to the beliefs that sit behind my passion for coaching and leading.   THIS is no small task!  I recommend HCI to any leader who desires meaningful conversations to reach new possibilities in business and life.”

– Rich Davis, Change Agent, Sanofi US



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