The Business Need

The unprecedented degree of change in health care arena has resulted in a driving need for a new brand of leadership, the evolution of healthier and more engaged cultures,
and the cultivation of greater resilience and nimbleness in both people and operational practices. These are not one-size-fits-all training and development needs. Instead,
they call for a customized, transformative approach that uses coaching methodologies designed to ignite healthier and more adaptive people and cultures.

Who Should Attend?

• Change agents and experienced leaders who embrace change and seek ways to foster change agility
• Those who wish to coach leaders and the development of leaders
• Those seeking a more advanced and holistic approach to coaching; Executives, Coaches, Leaders, and Learning & Organizational Development professionals from forward thinking organizations, as well as certified coaches wanting continuing education hours (CCEUs).
• Internal business coaches in all companies, especially those in pharmaceuticals, medical/hospital practices, insurance and other managed care organizations (or those wishing
to coach those leaders in life science field)

It is targeted for both experienced coaches and those attending coach training for the first time. The curriculum includes three different certificate courses: an extended 125-hour tract, a foundational 60 hour tract, an advanced 60 hour for current coaches and stand-alone modules for certified coaches as CCEU credits. All classes and certificates are ICF certified.

The Healthcare Coaching Institute’s Format

The format is dependent upon the certificate course chosen and includes Live Intensives in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina along with a series of virtual classroom learning labs and coach mentoring from ICF-certified master coaches. Live Intensives are also ideal for experienced coaches looking for CCEU credits and many of the virtual classes or learning labs are stand-alone opportunities for credit hours.

Essential Skill Development

From learning the core essential skills to acquiring insights into coaching people to lead in new ways, the skill development will include seven steps that master coaches follow to be present, listen deeply, break open conversations with powerful questions, share insights and inklings, and provide access to inner wisdom and intuition so leaders learn that they have internal guidance systems that are worthy of their full attention.


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