The Healthcare Coaching Institute trains and certifies leaders and coaches through a transformative curriculum unique to the industry.

About the program

With one in four U.S. jobs now in the healthcare arena, it is critical that leaders possess the skills to create nurturing, inspirational and adaptive environments. Coaches prepare leaders to guide needed innovation.

HCI’s leadership coach training program is designed by Master Coaches and thought leaders who are passionate about humanizing the business of healthcare. HCI-trained coaches guide healthcare industry leaders to create inspiring, productive workplaces that foster humanity, dignity and health.

The HCI Leadership Coaching Certification program is designed for:

  • Leaders in the Life Sciences Field
  • Human Resource and Organizational Development Professionals
  • Healthcare Professionals and Executives
  • Organizational Leaders Seeking Cultural Change
  • Consultants, Teachers, and Coaches Seeking Advanced Skills
  • Professional Administrators and Project Managers

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About the Chief Coaching Officer

Darelyn “DJ” Mitsch, a pioneer in the coaching profession, continues to innovate in the field with the development of The Healthcare Coaching Institute. HCI was born when DJ realized that the business of healthcare demanded customized coaching techniques and solutions.

DJ is one of the first Master Certified Coaches and a past president and founding board member of the International Coaching Federation. In 1994, she and her husband founded The Pyramid Resource Group, which has served innovative global companies for 25 years. DJ created Pyramid’s signature Team Advantage coaching process, and she has mentored more than 500 coaches worldwide. She is the author of Coaching for Extraordinary Results through ATD and Zombies to Zealots, Reawaken the Human Spirit at Work, as well as numerous articles and blogs on the power of coaching.


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