Team Advantage with Municipal Government Team Advantage was successful in the reconstruction of a municipal government’s utility services division.  The results yielded a culture shift to a more collaborative work team, tangible monetary benefits and profound changes in leadership attitudes.

Team Advantage Enables Cohesion and Agility Team Advantage Enables Cohesion and Agility White Paper on how a leadership team within a data storage company successfully mobilized Team Advantage as a sustainable solution to accelerating company development by creating a more cohesive and agile business operation.

Change Agents, Team Coaching & Organizational Transformation: Sanofi Changes their Culture and the Game of Work! White Paper on how Sanofi’s work with Pyramid Resource Group created successful organizational changes with Change Agents and Team Coaching.

Yielding Tangible Business Impacts White Paper on how Team Advantage makes successful business impacts with BCBCNC.

Large-Scale Team Coaching Initiative Creates Sustainable Change White Paper on how Team Advantage creates team building and allows teams to reach their peak potential.

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